Teamwork Improvement

It is well understood that: "People practice what they prefer and ... perform better in those areas that match their preference. This gives them pleasure from their work."

Black Circle offers the following services to improve project groups and other work teams:

* Individual work preferences assessment
* Individual assessment of approaches to risk
* Assessing the skills of team leaders
* Comprehensive assessment of team performance

Tim O'Shea is accredited by Team Management Systems to deliver the following team development services to businesses:

Team Management Profile [TMP] - The TMP is an individual profile that illuminates in a very detailed way a person's specific work preferences and work style. This is immensely valuable information for individuals, and the people they work with.

The Opportunites-Obstacles Quotient [QO2] - A measure of how an individual approaches risk.

Linking Skills Profile - A multi-rater instrument that provides a comprehensive assessment of how a person coordinates and integrates the work of their team. This profile is helpful to a person who wishes to improve their team leadership skills.

Team Performance Profile - A multi-rater profile that provides an assessment of how a team is performing in key team roles. In other words, 360-degree feedback for your teams!

The purpose of these tools is to unearth the specific characteristics of people and the teams they belong to. With this information, people and teams can work out where are their strengths, what are their weaknesses, and what they must to to improve their work satisfaction and work performance, and the effectiveness of their teamwork. Black Circle is also able to facilitate follow up programs for individuals and teams wishing to address gaps in their capabilities.

Values Assessment

Allied to its work in teamwork improvement, Black Circle also provides services to organisations wishing to understand and transform their corporate culture, by addressing important questions about their values. This work involves assessment of individual, team and organisational values, and questions such as:

* What are the values that your business works by?
* Do these values help the business, or do they drag it down?
* Does everyone in your business have the same values?
* Is it important that everyone in your business shares the same values?
* What values do you bring to your business, in your interactions with customers and coworkers?

Tim O'Shea is accredited by Richard Barrett and Associates to work with their proven Corporate Transformation Tools, to answer these questions, and to identify what needs to be done to transform your business into the values-driven business you and your stakeholders want it to be.

Tim is also accredited by Team Management Systems to work with individuals and teams as a facilitator of their Window on Work Values [WWV] tools.

Black Circle can assist you to identify which tool set is most suited to your needs. Once you have worked out what are your objectives for cultural change, we can also design and deliver programs to help you implement this change.

Employee Relations

Black Circle can provide you with information, advice, training and practical assistance with all of your employee relations needs.

Our expertise covers all aspects of planning, development, consultation, negotiation and formal registration of individual and collective industrial agreements.

Further Information

We offer research, education and advisory services in all of these specialisations.

For further information, contact Tim O'Shea 
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Last update: 6/07/2011