Principal - Tim O'Shea

Tim has been in the employee relations industry since 1983. He first practiced in Adelaide, in the often challenging, and always interesting public hospital system, where he was effective in reducing the incidence of industrial disputes by implementing effective workplace consultation arrangements, developed improved workplace safety arrangements, and instituted better systems for handling the hospital's significant load of workers compensation cases.

He then worked for the Australian Government Department of Employment and Industrial Relations in Perth, where he provided advice to senior executives on industrial relations situations in the meat, metal and building and construction industry, before moving to Canberra to take up work as the executive officer for a senior executive in the national office of the Department.

Desiring to return to a more hands-on role in employee relations, Tim moved to the ACT public service in 1989. Tim was responsible for developing and advocating the ACT's position in the national nurses pay case in 1990, and for handling all industrial issues affecting the ACT's salaried doctors.

In the ACT public service, Tim provided advice to managers and senior executives across the ACT public service, providing employee relations advice to ministers and Cabinet, and coordinating and directing effective responses to emerging industrial issues, as well as directly handling industrial disputes.

Tim became Assistant Director of ACT Public Sector Industrial Relations in 1993, before moving to the Australian Medical Association's national industrial relations office. Tim returned to full-time study in 1994.

In 1998, he commenced work as a private management consultant. His clients included the ACT Auditor-General, ACT Chief Minister's Department, ACT Health, The Canberra Hospital, the Australian Capital Tourism Corporation, HRWorks, and Northside Community Service.

Important assisgnments have included:

* reducing the number of industrial awards covering the ACT public sector from over 70 to fewer than 20,
* supporting the successful negotiation of a new agreement covering over 4,000 nurses working in the ACT public health system, and
* securing an excellent outcome for ACT Health in the 2006-2007 arbitration of Visiting Medical Officers contract rates.

These projects have typically involved:

* consultation and liaison with stakeholders,
* development of options and effective solutions,
* providing well-formulated advice to senior executives and government
* complex negotiations with agencies and unions, and
* action to implement outcomes.


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Last update: 6/07/2011