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Employee Value Proposition - A Briefing

For any organisation, the challenge is to find quality people ... the  person faces a different challenge: they look around, think about their personal circumstances, compare options, and then choose to take up or stay in positions on the basis of the best value for them on offer. This, the Employee Value Proposition (EVP) ... describes why the total work experience is better than at any other organisation ...

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Cloud Computing - A tool for agile analysis

The Cloud offers new challenges for the Business Analyst: new threats that must be taken into account when planning new ventures, as well as new opportunities for prototyping and piloting....

As presented at BA World - Sydney, July 2011

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Work Roles in Context

The broader context of Public Sector Work Roles is outlined here.

In order to accomodate the various relationships on the diagram, this is an A3 document.

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Enabling Agility

...large shops now routinely have a "Break Fix" team that is independent of the enhancement and development functions. If yours doesn't, consider what actions you could be taking to reduce costs and build agility...

As published in Information Age Jan/Feb 2010

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Pay Structures: Backbone of Recruitment Strategy - A Briefing

Although this emphasis changes once they have been appointed, the size of the remuneration package is critical in attracting attention of potential employees. The choice of pay structure and salary points is accordingly critical for an organisation...

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Benefits Realisation Plan

The Benefits Realisation Plan formally documents the financial benefits to be gained from a change project...It is one of the two key outputs from the business analysis activity, and is a critical part of the overall project documentation...

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Business Requirements Document

The Business Requirements Document formally documents the business needs, both existing needs and also the changes that are required in the status quo. It documents WHAT is required, and its primary audience is the designers, who will determine HOW these needs are to be met...

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Documenting the Analysis

In documenting the analysis, the Business Analyst requires four key repositories. The first two are final repositories of project information, whilst the second two are working stores. All must be managed and maintained to support communication and minimise risk to the project...

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Beyond Competency - Excellence & Leadership in BA

As presented at BA World, Sydney 2010

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Functional Specification

The Functional Specification (FS or Functional Requirements Specification) is a formal statement of the functions required to be implemented in a specific physical form or technology for a business proposal. It is an intermediate document between the Business Requirements Document...and the Technical Specification(s)...

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Governance and the Business Analyst

Governance is primarily a project management concern. However, the Business Analyst needs to be aware of the various structures in common use and their relevant functions, so that they can ensure that these structures are in place as required in their project. Otherwise, the analysis is likely to be an expensive failure...

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Agile Analysis: It's Not Optional

As presented at the National Conference of the Australian Institute of Project Management, 2008.

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Methodology and the Business Analyst

The origins of TQM and Six Sigma lie in the manufacturing sectors, which have given the toolset and analysis used a specific bias. There is no essential dis-connect between any of the core models used for managing change, and principles from both TQM and Structured Analysis are valuable in the successful delivery of change...

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Putting together the Project Communications Strategy

Notes on key matters to address in developing the Communications strategy for the Change project ...

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Stakeholders in the Business Analysis

While there are many stakeholders in the change project, only some of them will have a direct connection with the business systems analysis phase of the project. The majority are from the client or business environments in which the changes will be implemented. Looking at the analysis process assists in identifying these stakeholders...

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Testing and the Business Analyst

In the information technology industry, for many years the Business Analyst has been expected to undertake the testing of the outputs. While this is common practice, it poses significant risks to the project, the organisation and to the individual...

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Understanding Values

Each individual brings their own personal values to their working life.  Whilst often unconscious, these personal values are integral to the individual’s sense of identity and worth.  If these personal values are at odds with organization values, then typically the latter will be compromised...

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Job Evaluation

With sixty years of experience to draw on, industry can now deploy Job Evaluation options with confidence ...

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Agile Analysis - Avoiding Paralysis

As presented at the National Conference of the Australian Institute of Project Management, 2008.

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Dimensions of Change

As presented at BA World 2009

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